Check out these 9 gender-neutral and unisex clothing brands

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As gender roles continue to blur and more and more people come out as gender non-conforming, agender, or genderqueer, it only makes sense for fashion to follow suit. Here are some great brands and designers who are working specifically with unisex and gender-neutral clothing, offering masculine clothes to femme-bodied people, or making custom formal wear for anybody.


Photo of gender-neutral clothing from Not Equal
Not Equal has exclusively gender-neutral designs, like this from the Andro#1 collection.


This gender-neutral brand is designed by Fabio Costa, who was the runner-up of “Project Runway” Season 10, and was also featured in the “Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art” at the American Folk Art Museum. Costa grew up in Brazil and moved to New York in 2006 to study fashion. His clothing line uses androgynous forms and shapes in its artisanal pieces, which he’s separated into different collections such as “Andro” and “RE[formed].” Pieces like large wrap skirts, open dresses, and large shirts make up the bulk of his collections.




This custom-made suiting business began when Leon Wu found that his masculine-identifying friends needed help finding suits to fit their bodies better. There are multiple suits on its website to choose from, but you no longer need to book a customization appointment to get all your measurements. When you choose which suit you’d like to purchase, you will be prompted with a series of questions about the clothes you wear and your body type and size, and they will take it from there. Their suits are for people of any body-type and gender identity. They still have their own Bespoke services, however, where you get fitted and help create a suit that is ultimately you.



Photo of palm-patterned suit from Widlfang
Wildfang’s Ahmed Pant and Kaling Long Blazer in “Dark Palm.”

Wildfang says, “We’re here to liberate menswear one bowtie at a time and we’re doing it ourselves because we want it done right.” Marketed toward “tomboys” (Wildfang literally means tomboy in German) the brand has a wide variety of button downs, pants and overalls, and T-shirts that carry their phrase “Wild Feminist” and “Slay the Patriarchy.” They also offer a whole line of femme-fitting suiting in funky colors and patterns.They also have a new line called the RVCA Neutral Collection, featuring pieces that are gender-neutral. However, most of their website could also be considered gender neutral.



Rad Hourani’s Unisex collection embraces the neutrality that he strives to capture in his design, photography, and art. The mainly black and white collection has beautiful, sleek pieces unspecific to any gender. His outerwear in particular is refined and dignified, and would make a great addition to any wardrobe. Hourani designs everything from accessories to pants and skirts with luxurious flair. His unisex gallery, which currently has a collaboration with Jaime Angelopoulos, is located in Montréal.



Gender Free World, or GFW, prides themselves on their button-down shirt designs, guaranteed to fit you. Each design comes in three body shape types (the Charlie, Billie, and Alex, for which they have pictures on the website) and seven sizes. The Billie has a “bust button,” which is an invisible button meant to prevent gapping of the shirt at the chest. They also have a large selection of bowties and cufflinks, in addition to T-shirts.



Photo of Muttonhead's gender-neutral clothing
Muttonhead’s gender neutral clothing, shot by Pat O’Rourke.

For the outdoor adventurer, Muttonhead provides gender-free clothing that can be worn on a hike, camping, or lounging around in the backyard. Their unisex apparel is designed and manufactured in Canada, and they abide by all fair trade standards, so you’ll know you’re supporting a good brand when you make a purchase. They have a ton of great t-shirts and flannels, but also shorts, pants, hats, thermals, thick socks, and rain-proof gear. They also have “mystery packs” where you can pay a fixed amount for a certain number of mystery items.


FLAVNT Streetwear

This gender-neutral T-shirt and streetwear company has launched seven fundraising partnerships to raise money for gender-confirming surgeries. FLAVNT introduces their customers to the people who will be receiving the surgeries through videos and posts on their websites. You can also meet their models, who are all part of the LGBTQ+ community. FLAVNT is especially well-known for their bareskin binder, which comes in four colors and can also get wet, perfect for use during the summer. They usually sell out as soon as they get a new shipment in, so be sure to get on the waitlist.



Photo of 69 Worldwide's gender-neutral clothing
69 Worldwide’s clothing is primarily denim, a universally accepted fabric.

This non-gender, non-demographic clothing line makes all of its own clothes in Los Angeles. Their LA showroom is open by appointment only, but you can always shop on their website. They’re well known for their roomy one-pieces, as well as their denim staples. Their timeless look is hip and trendy, while also looking toward the future of fashion. 69 has been repped by celebrities such as Rihanna and Kylie Jenner in the past.



Emerging designer label One DNA’s non-conforming pieces are all made in New York, and while they’re classified as “statement pieces,” many of them make a bold impression. Their pieces rotate out frequently, but right now you can cop some bright hoodies and clean tunics from their site. In the past, they’ve had bright-colored jackets and collared tops, so make sure to keep an eye on their rotating stock.

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