Check out Madison Square Eats’ insane line-up of vendors

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Photo of Ice and Vice ice cream
Ice and Vice will be collaborating with Renegade Lemonade and Macaron Parlour during Madison Square Eats.

Get ready for the highly anticipated return of Madison Square Eats (Mad. Sq. Eats), one of New York’s best pop-up food markets. This bi-annual market is run by UrbanSpace, which also runs markets such as Broadway Bites and the Union Square Holiday Market. UrbanSpace is knocking it out of the park this year with a line-up of 24 vendors, who all make amazing, rave-worthy food.

The pop-up will begin on September 2nd and end on September 29th. It will be located in Madison Square Park at Worth Square, on Fifth Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets.

Many UrbanSpace favorites are returning to Madison Square Eats this season. If you’re looking for dessert, look no further than the collaboration between Ice & Vice, Macaron Parlour, and Renegade Lemonade. The trio hasn’t announced exactly what they’re up to yet, but a cross between experimental ice cream, delectable macarons, and sweet lemonade can’t go wrong. If you’d rather go for more classic ice cream, stop by the MELT Stand to get an ice cream sandwich. They put a thick layer of ice cream between two homemade cookies, and the result is delicious.

Photo of Chick'nCone
Chick’nCone sells fried chicken in waffles for a twist on the classic chicken and waffles. (Photo from Chick’nCone on Instagram)

There’s no shortage of fare that you won’t find anywhere else, such as Chick’nCone’s amazing re-invention of the chicken and waffles classic: chicken covered in homemade sauces inside a waffle cone. Trapizzino sells Rome’s favorite street food, a pocket of bread stuffed with vegetables, cheeses, meat, and more. The portable dish is only available at Trapizzino, as it’s the only place in the United States to make it. Another unique international vendor, DAA! Dumplings, makes organic Russian “air”-fried dumplings with both vegan and meat options. The dumplings come in a portable paper-cone with homemade sauces.

Other international fare includes Gotham Poké, offering Hawaiian dishes, Palenque Colombian Food, and Bangkok B.A.R. Korean cuisine is coming out in full force this year with KBBQ by Korilla and Oppa New Korean BBQ. For more of a twist on Asian cuisine, try Domo Taco, which brings Pan-Asian influences to Mexican food, or Hai Street Kitchen & Co., which makes sushi burritos. Two must-haves are Bao by Kaya, which specializes in the Gua Bao, a fluffy white bun with different fillings; and Mr. Bing, which serves up Beijing-style street crepes on the spot.


Photo of empanada from La Sunrise Empanadas, which will be at Madison Square Eats
La Sonrisa Empanadas will be available at Madison Square Eats.

For Mexican fare, be sure to check out Frida’s Favorites, Jicama California Street Food, and La Sonrisa Empanadas. Timales, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more will all be available.

If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, be sure to check out Lobster Pound for a lobster roll straight from Maine, or the Truffleist’s mouth-watering cheesesteaks. You can also pick up a po’belly at The Gumbo Bros’ stand, where they’ll be serving up Cajun and creole food.

Meat-lovers should head to The Cannibal Beer & Butcher, while seafood-aficionados should check out The Paella Shack. If you’re more of a no-meat salad person, check out The Farmstand.

UrbanSpace also has its own permanent location, UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, where many of these vendors have set up more long-term homes. Be sure to check out Madison Square Eats while it lasts, and then get ready for Broadway Bites in October!



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